In Loving Memory of Frank G. Murphy

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Frank G. Murphy

To the Chadds Ford Community,
 It is with great sorrow that we announce the passing of Frank G. Murphy, a dedicated member of the Chadds Ford Township community for over a decade. Our hearts ache for Anna-Marie, Natalie, Julianna, and the rest of the people who knew and loved Frank.  
Frank served as Supervisor for more than 10 years, fulfilling the roles of Chair and Vice Chair on the Board of Supervisors. In addition to his leadership within the Board, he served as the liaison to various Township Committees.  Frank also served the Chadds Ford community as a member of the Unionville-Chadds Ford School Board for 4 years prior to becoming a Township Supervisor.
The Township’s accomplishments under Frank’s leadership are too many to list here.  Frank was most proud of the work he and his fellow supervisors did to preserve the open space and history of Chadds Ford Township, including the Township’s role in the preservation of the 72-acre Brinton Run Preserve, and his volunteer work as a member and chair of the Brandywine Battlefield Associates.
However, Frank’s contribution to our community cannot be defined by a list of accomplishments alone.  His skill and commitment were most evident in his interactions with those who live and work in the Township, his colleagues on the Board of Supervisors, and Township staff.  Every issue that was of import to anyone in the Township was of equal import to Frank, and he worked tirelessly to assure that each and every concern was heard, considered and addressed.  Residents who presented issues to Frank knew their concerns would be carefully considered and that they would get a fair and thoughtful response.  Fellow elected officials knew that he always put community before self, and that he would fairly reflect on all items, accept and contemplate their input, and deliver a measured and well-explained opinion.  Township employees knew how Frank valued their efforts.  All of this made Frank a stabilizing and respected force for Chadds Ford.
We will work to fill the void created by Frank’s passing, to honor his legacy by emulating his care for our neighbors, and preserving the sense of belonging that he worked so tirelessly to enhance for our community.  And we will miss him deeply.


Chadds Ford Township