Tax Information


Chapter 116 of the Chadds Ford Township Code governs the assessment and collection of Township Taxes in addition to Property Taxes. Information on this web page is for reference only. State and Township Codes provide the specifics of each tax.

Township Real Estate Tax:

Landowners in Pennsylvania pay three separate annual taxes on their real property: County Tax, School Tax and Township Tax. At the bottom of this page you will find contact information for the County and School District tax offices. The Township collects only the last and smallest of these three and Chadds Ford residents enjoy one of the lowest township tax rates in the region: less than 1 mil!

The 2024 Chadds Ford Township tax rate is 0.5577 mils. Some properties enjoy fire hydrant service and those parcel owners pay a total of 0.6247 mils.

Below is a breakdown of our tax structure and a sample calculation:

Tax Fund

2024 Millage

General Fund:

General Government

Fire Tax

Rachel Kohl Library

Fire Hydrant Service        






Open Space Fund .1660

Total Real Estate Tax Millage

With Hydrant

Without Hydrant




Millage (or mils) is 1/1000th of the ASSESSED value of your property collected as a tax. To calculate, take your ASSESSED value and divide by 1000 then multiply by the millage rate. Please note that ASSESSMENTS are set by the County.


If your home is ASSESSED at $150,000:

Standard $150,000 ÷ 1000 = 150 x 0.5577 = $83.65
Fire Hydrant Service $150,000 ÷ 1000 = 150 x 0.6247 = $93.70


The elected Tax Collector is responsible for the billing, collection and recording of Township Realty Taxes. Her contact information appears below. Please contact her directly for any services and questions concerning your Chadds Ford Township real estate bill.


Valerie Hoxter, Tax Collector
1506 Painters Crossing
Chadds Ford PA 19317       
Phone: 610-388-8800 ext. 301 
taxcollector [at] (Email)

Please note that the Tax Collector is an elected position and does not work from the Township office. Only the Tax Collector can provide a Tax Certification and you must contact her directly. The Following fees apply:

  • Certifications: $25.00 Service Fee for each year requested - Current & prior years.
  • Expediting Fee: $40.00 Service Fee for each tax year certification per folio requested within seventy-two (72) hours of settlement.
  • Duplicate Tax bill: $25.00 Service Fee.