Township Code

The Chadds Ford Township Code link: CHADDS FORD TOWNSHIP CODE is the official codification of all Chadds Ford Township Ordinances, EXCEPT for the "Recently Codified Ordinances" BELOW.

Recently Adopted Ordinances (NOT YET CODIFIED)

ORD 172 Amendment to the Chadds Ford Township Tax Ordinance

ORD 171 Amendment to the Zoning Map of Chadds Ford Township

ORD 169  Amend Ch. 135 Zoning to Add and Define Marijuana Dispensary Facility in Article II and Amend Article X to add Marijuana Dispensary Facilities as a Special Exception in the B-1 District (Business-1)

ORD 168 Extending the Term of the Temporary Outdoor Dining Provisions Established Pursuant to Ordinance 163

ORD 167 Guaranty Agreement Authorizing Incurrence of Lease Rental Debt on behalf of Chadds Ford Township Sewer Authority

ORD 166 Amendment to the Zoning Map of Chadds Ford Township

ORD 165 Zoning Code Chapter 135: Article XXI Additional Regulations

ORD 164 Zoning Map Amendment 126 Ridge Road

ORD 163 Temporary Special Outdoor Dining Permit

ORD 162 Amendment to Chapter 135 (repeal and replace Article XVI)

ORD 161  Repealing Ord. No. 156, Which Established V-Village Zoning District (adopted 6/5/19) 

ORD 160  Regulating Activity in Areas of Steep and Very Steep Slopes Ord. No. 141 Drafting Error Correction (adopted 5/1/19)

ORD 159  Wireless Facilities Within and Outside the Right of Way (ROW) (adopted 4/3/19)

ORD 158 Chapter 135 Zoning, Article 18, SIGNS (Amended by Repealing and Replacing Entire Article)

ORD 157  Chadds Ford - Bethel Townships Inter-Municipal Agreement

ORD 155  Life Safety (adopted on 7/25/18)

ORD 154 - Stormwater Management, Grading, Soil Erosion and Sediment Control (adopted 4/25/18)

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